Common FAQs

If I am a student or teacher, do I have a discount for buying this App?#

We now offer a 30% discount for students and teachers. You can register for digital coupons by mailing us the requirements listed below:

  1. Student ID photo/scan
  2. Valid proof for your current studying year
  3. Teacher Certification photo/scan
學生 教育 優惠 價格 折扣 教師 学生 教育 优惠 价格 折扣 教师 teacher student discount education price

I lost my license. Can you send it to me?#

Click on the link below and enter the e-mail address you used for your order, and we'll send you the code into your inbox right away.

If you forgot the address you registered with, let us know what order info you have and we'll try to find it.

Please be sure to provide the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email address

How do I sync all my Eagle apps in different devices?#

There are two ways to do so:

  1. Use cloud services that provide synchronizing services
    Eagle supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and many cloud service platforms, all you need to put your local Eagle files in the sync folder, and it will be synced to all your devices. If you aren’t familiar with cloud platforms, please refer to this video clip.

  2. Store your data in portable storage devices (such as USB) 
    If you don’t have internet access, you can also use your USB to synchronize your files, just put the files from Eagle to USB and you can bring it anywhere you like.

Just click the “Change Library” in “Library” on the Eagle App menu, and load the library folder stored in your USB and it will all be in your Eagle App.

sync dropbox drive 同步 备份 云盘

What OS does Eagle support?#

Eagle can run perfectly on Windows 7 and macOS 10.9 and above, it’s all thanks to the outstanding structure and tech that makes it possible to experience this powerful app on both operating systems. To make sure your computer can run the app correctly, we provide you a 30-days trail to try out Eagle’s function and see how well it fits your PC!

operation 操作系统 作業系統

Why does the browser extension keep telling me I don’t have Eagle App open?#

Please make sure Eagle is on, if it already is, and the problem still exists, you can try:

  1. Turn off and restart Eagle App
  2. Turn your VPN’s proxy mode to “Auto Proxy Mode”
插件 擴展 extension 扩展 没有

Using Problems

I would like share my ideas stored in Eagle app with my team members, how do I do that?#

There are currently two methods to accomplish this:

  1. Use the sync function of cloud drives
    Eagle supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and many cloud service platforms, all you need to put your local Eagle library folder in the sync folder and it will be synced to all your devices. If you aren’t familiar with cloud platforms, please refer to this video clip.

  2. Save your data in your company’s NAS device
    If your company provides NAS to share things with team members, you can simply drop your library folder in there and your team members will have direct access to the folder. 

Just click the 「Change Library」 in 「Library」 on the Eagle App menu, and open the library folder saved in your NAS into your Eagle App.

同步 共用 共享 sync share

Can I browse computer files and folders through Eagle?#

This function is not yet available; Eagle’s tech can enhance the loading speed of pictures and the performance of add-ons, but is still not yet able to access your computer file systems.

文件夹 folder

What kind of files do Eagle support?#

Eagle for macOS support png, jpg, gif, tiff, tif, jpeg, heic, psd, ai, pdf, svg, bmp, icns, ico, eps, xd, c4d, prd, webp, sketch, afdesign, afphoto, pdf, mp4, mov, m4v, webm, key, pptx, ppt, hdr, exr, skt, heic, pxd, ttf, otf, xmind, mindnode, tga

Eagle for Windows support png, jpg, gif, tiff, tif, jpeg, heic, psd, ai, pdf, svg, bmp, ico, eps, xd, ps, webp, mp4, mov, m4v, webm, pptx, ppt, hdr, exr, cdr, c4d, afdesign, afphoto, ttf, otf, tga 

format 格式

Can I backup Eagle data?#

Of course you can, it is very easy to do so. All you need to do is just copy the library folder to the target path you would like to back up your files.

backup 備份 备份

Licensing and Purchasing

What payment methods does Eagle support?#

We now support Paypal and Alipay, in the future we plan to open up to WeChat.

微信 支付 paypal pay

Can I purchase this app on App Store?#

We are quite sorry but this app is not available on App Store due to policy problems, such as verifications take over a week and Apple’s Sand Box policies will slow down and limit Eagle’s many functions and features.

How many devices can I use for one derail code?#

Each serial number can be used for two computers, Windows and Mac are both available for use.

license register

I have the serial number already, how do I activate the application?#

After you have successfully bought the serial code, you can find it in your email, activate Eagle, and click “Eagle”>”register” on the Menu, then key in your serial code, and Eagle is free for you to use.


How do I transfer the serial code to another device?#

You can cancel the bond of the serial code by clicking 「Eagle」>「Unregister」, then you can use that code on a different device.

If my PC has broken down or has been lost, am I able to transfer my serial code to another device under this situation?#

Yes you can, you don’t need to worry about losing your number if something bad happens to your original device, the unbound can be done on the new device as well.

Problem Reports

I have found a bug or a have a suggestion to give, how do I report this in?#

You can write down your problems or suggestions and email it to us, we will contact you as soon as we can after we receive your mail.

bug report support issue

How do I contact the Eagle development team?#

We are looking much forward to every user to leave us suggestions and comments; you can contact us through the following methods:
Email: [email protected]

Corporate cooperation

I would like to work/cooperate with the Eagle development team, how should I contact you?#

You can get to us through the following methods; we look forward to receive your mail.
Email: [email protected]